photobooth company in malaysia

4 Reasons to Choose This Photobooth Company in Malaysia

In the age of selfies for every moment with a camera, people are accustomed to capturing the best moments whenever they can. Now you can do more with photobooths.

Yes, photobooths – who doesn’t love them? Taking pictures is such a fun activity to do while having an event. It allows you to make more memories than ever.

Are you still browsing for the best photobooth company in Malaysia? We’ve figured out why you should get our photobooth in your event!

Let’s read more to find out the reasons why.

1. Great Entertainment For your Guest

Having a photobooth is great because it gets your guests excited and engaged all day long! Guests will have the chance to fool around using the photobooths while attending your event.

Since there will be a cameraman on standby at all times, it gives the chance to get their photo taken whenever they want. 

If they are embarrassed to see people looking at them, they can opt to have their photo taken when no one is around. This is all possible due to our cameraman who’s willing to help at any time!

It will also ease your guests knowing that they can take pictures on their own terms without being forced to. They can be silly and fun without judgment.

photobooth company in malaysia

2. Create Memorable Memories

“Happy times come and go, but the memories stay forever.”

Another reason why you should get our photobooth for your event is that you can be able to create memorable memories that will last forever!

What better way to capture beautiful moments with your friends than with photos! This way, you will never forget that particular memory.

Just one look at the photos, memories will come back flooding in. It will also be great since guests will remember that they took that photo at YOUR event.  

You will also have to keep memories of your event and look back on it one day.  

photobooth company in malaysia

3. Personal Touch for Photos

Other companies provide photobooth services too, but we are the best photobooth company in Malaysia. Why? 

This is also another reason. You will be able to get a more personal touch to your photos. How?

One of the reasons is that we will provide customisable props that will suit your event! For example, if you want a wedding photobooth, then we will customise it!

Do you have any suggestions for what you want at your event! Just tell us beforehand, and we will make it happen.

You will also be able to customise your backdrop according to your taste to ensure that it is perfect for you. All of this will create a fantastic setting to take your photos.

This will also give you a sense of satisfaction since you were the one who decided on how the photobooth should have looked!

photobooth company in malaysia

4. High-Quality Photos

Last but not least, the last reason why we are the best photobooth company in Malaysia, and you should hire us is because we provide high-quality photos.

We provide high-quality 2R strip photos with unlimited printing to ensure that all your guests can have a go using our photobooth.

We use a high-end DSLR Camera to ensure that your photos will be of high quality! 

This will allow you to look back on the photos 20 years from now and still be able to enjoy the same quality that it was when it was taken.

The photos will also be printed in less than 20 seconds which stops you from waiting for a long time! 

With unlimited printing, everyone will get their own copy of the photos so that you could keep it somewhere safe.

In conclusion, having a photobooth is a great way to liven up your event! It will allow your guests to have fun while mingling with other people.

If you are looking for a photobooth company in Malaysia, you should definitely hire us GlamBox Studio, to operate your photobooth to ensure perfection. 

As mentioned earlier, here are some of the benefits if you pick us:

  • We are using a high-end DSLR Camera. Your photos will be in the highest quality.
  • We provide high quality 2R strip photos with unlimited printing.
  • The prop that we provide will suit the event. Got any ideas? Just tell us and we will make it happen.
  • High end printer that can print high quality photos in less than 20 seconds.
  • We are using a sequin backdrop to make your photo look beautiful and gorgeous.
  • Our crew will be there along the event to provide support to you at any time.

We have different packages that you can choose from according to your needs. We also provide 100% money back guaranteed if our photobooth service does not make your guests happy.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to hire the best photobooth company in Malaysia! Check for more updates from us on Facebook or Instagram.

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